"We at Bay Fresh have worked hard to bring the finest seafood possible to the public at the best price available.  We sell fresh shrimp and oysters from the Texas and LA bays. We also sell fish and have started a project to raise red fish in West Texas."

Mark Valentino founder of Bay Fresh Oyster Company, Inc.


Bay Fresh Oyster Company is located in the beautiful Galveston Texas area.  Our plant has been providing the freshest, premium quality, shucked Gulf of Mexico oysters for over thirty years!  

We are HACCP certified and our staff is highly trained enabling us to produce only the freshest shucked oysters.  

Our customers can have it their way!  You can choose our gallon or pillow pack.  The oysters can be packed 4, 5, 6 or 7 lbs. of shucked meat per gallon or pillow pack.

Gallons and pillow packs alike are then placed in a waxed lined master case with ice, placed on pallets if necessary and delivered to your door.

Let your next oysters be BAY FRESH!!!